About TimeBoost

Timeboost was created to help people get more from their day. Understanding that we all have bigger inboxes than ever before, Timeboost enables people to see how they use their time and relate it to their goals, projects, and clients. If it's really important, why aren't you spending more time on it?

Timeboost also has great tools for weeding out time-sucks. We believe that with the right insights and management tools people can get more from work and life — even as demands on our time grow.

Where did the idea come from? After years of working in big corporations and startups, we were struck by how much time was being wasted - not directed at what's really important. Meetings with dozens of people in them. Projects with little value to the company or to customers. And a systemic lack of appreciation for the cost of people’s time — personally and professionally — as the schedules get tighter and tighter.

We decided to fix it by helping people understand how they spent their time and giving them the tools to get more from it.

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